Reliability-Based Voxel Selection


While functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) studies typically measure responses across the whole brain, not all regions are likely to be informative for a given study. Which voxels should be considered? Here we propose a method for voxel selection based on the reliability of the data. This method isolates voxels that respond consistently across imaging runs while maximizing the reliability of multi-voxel patterns across the selected voxels. We estimate that it is suitable for designs with at least 15 conditions. In two example datasets, we found that this proposed method defines a smaller set of voxels than another common method, activity-based voxel selection. Broadly, this method eliminates the need to define regions or statistical thresholds a priori and puts the focus on data reliability as the first step in analyzing fMRI data.

NeuroImage, 116350
Leyla Tarhan

PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience, making a move into industry.